The Key West Summer Stage

Produced by TheatreXP, Inc.

The Red Barn Theater, 319 Duval Street, Key West, FL 33040


The Key West Summer Stage is a four-week "Festival of Stage Arts" centered
at the Red Barn Theatre in Key West, Florida. The KWSS is produced by TheatreXP, in association with the Red Barn.

Season Sponsors include: Royal Furniture, The Grand Cafe, KONKLife, and Design Group Key West.

JULY 1-6: 'NIGHT MOTHER by Marsha Norman. Starring Connie Hurst and Susannah Wells. The play centers on a young woman and her mother who spend a desperate evening unraveling their sometimes tense, sometimes tender relationship after the daughter makes a stunning and unthinkable announcement. New York Magazine called the play, "...honest, uncompromising, penetrating, and moving...". The New York Times said, "...a shattering evening...". Winner of the Pulitzer Prize for Drama and 4 Tony nominations.

JULY 15-20:   WAITING FOR GODOT by Samuel Beckett. Starring Tony Konrath, Bob Bowersox, Karl Stahl, Ross Pipkin, and Dre Cooper.  Called the "masterpiece classic of modern theatre", Godot is without equal in power and humor. It centers around two seemingly homeless men waiting for someone named Godot to arrive and give their lives meaning. The play is considered the most magical allegory of our time. The London Times called it " of the most moving and noble plays of our generation, suffused with tenderness, beauty, and pain...". Just off a stunning revival run on Broadway. Not to be missed. 

JULY 29-August 3:  THE WHALE by Samuel D. Hunter, tells the story of a 650-pound grief-stricken, guilt-racked man  who is seeking reconciliation with his estranged daughter. At times hilarious, at others heartbreaking, the play stars one of Key West's comic gems, Chad Newman, in a rare but riveting dramatic performance, supported by Melody G. Moore, Quincy Perkins, Julia Tetreault, and Tammy Shanley. One of the most lauded new plays of the last year, winner of Obie, Lucille  Lortel, and Drama Desk Awards. Rex Reed called the play " arresting clash of minds and emotion...". The Village Voice called it "...vibrant and provocative...".

Also on this year's Summer Stage schedule:

June 30, 2014 at the Red Barn Theatre, Key West, 8 pm
Free of charge (donations accepted to pay the actors)

As part of the South Florida Theatre League's Summer Festival Reading Series, TheatreXP and The Key West Summer Stage have been selected as the Monroe County site for this year's readings. in a One Night Only event, THE SIGNATURE OF FEAR, the new play by Key West's Bob Bowersox (author and producer of last fall's hit play at the Red Barn, MOMENT OF GRACE, and 2012's similar hit, PERSON OF INTEREST), will be read by 6 of Key West's top actors, including Vanessa McCaffrey, Tony Konrath, Melody Moore, Tom Murtha, Joan O'Dowd, and Geno Drum. The play centers around an aging British poet living in America who decides it's time for him to go home to Britain and hang up his pen. But his wife, who has been the driving force behind his career, will have none of it, and is willing to go to unthinkable lengths to prevent his leaving.  A discussion of the play between audience, author, and actors will take place following the reading. A great way to play a part in the development of a major new play.

July 8, 11, 22, 25, 2014 at the Red Barn Theatre, Key West, 7:30 pm

In its ongoing desire to make theatre more accessible, TheatreXP will present a series of panel discussions focusing on specific areas of theater: Acting, Directing, Writing, and Scenic Design. Each panel discussion will feature some of Key West’s finest practitioners of each specific discipline, and will be designed to give attendees a rare glimpse into the inner workings of theater. A perfect way to learn more about what it takes to make the magic happen up on the stage. The audience is invited to ask questions and make comments, as well as stay around afterward to mingle and enjoy cocktails with the panel and fellow attendees and talk theater.

Tuesday, July 8:  DIRECTING
       Hear from some of Key West's finest directors for the stage. How do they choose the plays the want to do? What are they thinking about in casting, rehearsal, and production? What's the hardest thing for them to deal with? PANELISTS include Joy Hawkins, Carole McCartee, George Gugleotti, and Bob Bowersox. Moderated by Quincy Perkins.

Friday, July 11: SCENIC DESIGN
       The look of a play is as important as the actors in it. Design of the set, props, lighting, and a dozen other seemingly passive things can make or break the success of a performance. How do these designers turn words on a page into a stunning tableau for your eyes? PANELISTS include the Waterfront's master Scenic Designer Michael Boyer, lighting designers Jules Conn and David Byrd, and TheatreXP's Bob Bowersox. Moderated by Quincy Perkins.

Tuesday, July 22: ACTING
       What kind of alchemy does an actor use to transform himself into the character you see on stage? Is it magic or training? Why do actors HATE auditions? How do they use their director to mold their character? What do they love about acting? What do they hate? PANELISTS include iconic Key West actors David Black, Laurie Breakwell, Tom Luna, Matt Hollis Hulsey, Brandon Beach, and Quincy Perkins. Moderated by Bob Bowersox.

Friday, July 25: WRITING
       It all starts with a script. But if it were easy, everyone would do it, right? Where do great writers find their ideas? How are they developed? What are their methods? What's hard for them? Easy? What's it like handing your baby over to a director? PANELISTS include Bob Bowersox (PERSON OF INTEREST, MOMENT OF GRACE, THE SIGNATURE OF FEAR), Mark Watson (THE TIMES), Gayla Morgan (A DOG STORY, CONCH REPUBLIC THE MUSICAL), Tony Konrath, and Cathy Cafferty (AT LAST LIGHT). Moderated by Quincy Perkins.

July 13, 2014 at the Little Room Jazz Club, 821 Duval, Key West, 8 pm

Tell a True Story! Hear a True Story! Judge a True Story!

TheatreXP continues one of its most popular events -- STORY SLAMS --  where anyone -- including you! -- can vie for cash prizes by telling the best true story of the night. Each storyteller will have 5 minutes at the microphone to tell whatever story they want to, provided it sticks to the theme of the night. The rest of the patrons will vote at the end of the night for the best stories. It's a hilarious night of real people telling real stories -- which always end up a terrific mix of poignant, funny, heart-breaking, and best of all -- true.

The theme for the year's KWSS Slam is: "Courage".